Saturday, September 10, 2011

ELF Tickled Pink Blush Photos, Swatches and Review

I found myself reaching for this blush more than usual recently. I actually had this stashed away in my train case because I had always perceived to to be way to bright and bold, especially for my liking. However, I decided to change it you up this month due to a slight "drought" in my enthusiasm blushes lately.

I am generally impressed with ELF's quality of blushes and this was no exception. 'Tickled Pink' is super pigmented and easy to blend so there was no surprise there. I think what was really surprising for me however, was that how lovely the colour actually is and how it turns out on my skin. Contrary to what I envisioned or remembered it to be - a super bright, obnoxious, in your face pink, this shade was beautiful! It added a very nice pop of colour on my cheeks and with the slight tan I have from the summer sun, it just looks really nice. I definitely see myself using this more often once the fall semester kicks back in (which I am so excited about!)

This is a very flattering pink - a universal/classic shade that I think every girl should have lying around - that's really the reason I decided to buy it anyway!

Although it does have shimmer to it when looked carefully in the pan, this blush is virtually matte however, I believe the ever slight shimmer does give a nice and healthy glow to the face.

I go for this blush when I really want my blush to show (I know that sounds really weird) but this blush does give you the colour without being too insane.

For $3, you just can't go wrong especially since every girl needs a bright pink blush right?

XO Nicole

Saturday, September 3, 2011

gorjana Thompson Small Wallet

Recently, I gave a gift card to Shopbop to my sister for her birthday. Even though she really did not have anything specific that she wanted in mind, I thought since they did have a lot of nice brands and selection, she would certainly find something that she'd like.

At first, she was a bit hesitant but decided on this small, cute, quilted wallet by Gorgana. She decided why not since I did not own a small wallet like this. My sister also rationalized to herself that this would be perfect for when she just need something small and just to switch it up.

I really didn't think much of this wallet, but once it came in the mail, I was impressed. It's quite a cute little wallet; I especially love the little gold studds and the quilting pattern. Not to mention, the colour, "Storm Weather" is gorgeous! I love neutral and muted colours like this, especially for the fall. I actually want the larger one now! Haha..

XO Nicole

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Travalo Perfume Atomizer Demo and Review

I decided to pick one of these little guys up because I thought it would be very beneficial to me for a number of reasons.

This is perfect for those parfums and/or eau de toilettes (ie. My Britney Spears - Hidden Fantasy perfume) that you've purchased only to find that the scent does not last! So, instead of wasting that very-good-smelling-but-too-bad-it-doesn't-last long perfumes, with an on the go atomizer, you can bring it with you to "freshen" up when you find that the scent has died down.

Another thing is that this is perfect those "forgetful" and "always in a rush" bodies - such as myself! I am always in a rush in the morning and so most of the time, I don't even have enough time or I forget to spritz on my perfume - just like the case today! You can leave this in your bag and take it out and make yourself smell good on the way to the car, bus, whatever.

The packaging of this is very small "tampon"-ed shape, honestly speaking. That is what it looks like!

Anyway, the point is, is that travalo is the perfect size (so small that you can literally put in your pocket) yet can hold enough perfume for 50 spritz, comes in a variety of colours and is mess-less and simple.

I tried to demonstrate the procedure in the series of pictures. Basically, just remove the spray cap on the bottle of your original perfume, place the atomizer on top of that pump and press. That way, the perfume is deposited directed into your atomizer, without any mess! :-)

The only readily available atomizer I know of (that is not on eBay) is from Sephora where they sell their own. Theirs, however, seemed a little too large and long for me. Not only that, I believe you actually have to "pour" in the perfume (seeing the funnel-looking thing that it comes with)! I just think this concept is perfect.

I am excited to actually put this to use! I know this is basically like a rave even though I haven't actually used it yet but these are my first impressions and the reasons I chose to buy this in the first place.

Now in addition to applying another layer of mascara on most of my washroom visits, I'll also spritz some perfume (since my Britney one sucks in lasting power).

Price: $9 CDN (on sale; reg. $12.99)
Where: Shoppers Drug Mart
Available colours: Pink, Silver, Red (can vary with location)

XO Nicole