Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lancôme GWP 2013 Haul

lancome haul

So, I caved and made a semi-big haul on I was on my reading break and we all know that when I am not using my laptop for assignments and homework, I am shopping. Little did I know that I would have ended up on Lancome's website, shoving everything I have been wanting into my shopping cart. The fact that there were two special offers going on (well, three if you count the double cash back on ebates) didn't help either. I just received this package the other day so unfortunately, this particular GWP promo is over, however, Lancome has many frequent promos at department stores too, so keep an eye out for those. The main thing I really wanted from Lancome was their Blush Subtil Powder Blush in Miel Glacé. I know I have banned myself from buying anymore blushes but I just wanted to this one to complete the collection. I have been bored with my range of shades and was always looking for something more natural and easy to apply. Miel Glace, according to a lot of reviews I have read, is a go-to and a must for those with pale skin! I threw in their Cils Booster XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base because I am running out of my Shisedo one. I always thought their holiday fragrance mini set was great to try out some of their other scents (I love La Vie est Belle!). When you order on Lancome, you get to choose a free sample and I chose Génifique. The second promo, as mentioned earlier, was a deluxe sample of their Bright Expert treatment, which was a great treat because the full size (30ml) retails for $78 and I got this 15ml sample with no charge! :)

Lancome perfume

Lancome Blush Subtil Powder Blush - Miel Glacé
A review and swatch post will be coming up soon when I get a chance to try this out!

The GWP (I will have a separate post featuring this) included:
  • Renergie Lift Multi-Action Day Cream
  • 3 Lancome Makeup Brushes
  • Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector: Wrinkles-Pores-Evenness
  • Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover
  • Color Design Sensational Effects Eyeshadow - Daylight, Exhibition, The New Black, Trendy
  • L'Absolu Rouge Advanced Replenishing and Reshaping Lipcolor Pro Xylane - Crushed Rose
  • Lancome Cosmetic Bag

XO Nicole

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Spring 2013 Wish List

We're one month in 2013 and I have already accumulated enough things for a new wish list! I have titled this one, "Spring Wish List" although they are surely not new items and do not necessarily scream out spring. Most items are replacing items on my previous wish list for replacing some of the items I am already finishing up, so I guess somethings are justifiable! It's just that I had a change of mind, you see.
  1. Rachel K CC CREAM ORIGINAL - I have barely dipped my toes into the BB cream world (Asian ones, at least) and now, I'm jumping ahead and trying out one of the first Asian CC creams out there in the market. The only thing that is really stopping me from purchasing this is that it contains parabens, and shipping from Rachel K's website is $9CAD! That's $39 + $ 9 = $48!
  2. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim - I have heard so much hype about this product... and Hourglass makeup has been known to be quite a splurge, meaning it has to be good right? I am one who needs products that mattifies the face but sometimes, I would like a nice glow too! Reviews and swatches of these powders have been drooling all over it! I think this would be perfect for me. 
  3. Tocca Beauty Eau de Parfum Viaggio - my quest for my signature perfume scent is still on. I have never smelled Tocca perfumes but I want to give it a go because it would be such a bonus if my signature scent is unique and is something that not every other girl is wearing! 
  4. Tangle Teezer Detangle Brush - this may sound strange, but I rarely brush my hair - usually a quick comb through with my fingers does the trick! However, the reviews on this $10+ brush has been wanting to give it a try!
  5. Shiseido Natural Finish Cream Concealer - Although I love my Hard Candy Glamoflauge, I am ready for a change!
  6. Fresh High Noon Freshface Glow - After hearing Whitney Port (from The Hills) talk about this on her YouTube channel, I knew I had to get it! Like her, I am quite pale, but unlike her, she always has this nice, bronzey but not too fake glow to her. This has to be the trick!
  7. Kevyn Aucoin The Sculpting Powder - After finishing up NYX Taupe, I am in need of a replacement for my contour powder. NYC Sunny seems to be too orangey to me for it to look natural. What can go wrong if you are purchasing a power specifically made for contouring?
XO Nicole

Friday, February 8, 2013

Featuring Real Techniques Brushes by Samantha Chapman Core Collection Set

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman are finally available in Canada at London Drugs! Ever since I heard that people were spotting these at London Drugs, I tried tracking them down at all the closest stores near me but they were never to be seen, which was expected. Finally, after what seems like a long time - after which probably everyone has picked up at least one of the three sets, it was my turn. The sets were back in stock and I snatched up the Core Collection. The Real Technique brushes are not only affordable but people have been saying that they are really soft and high quality. I prefer synthetic brushes because I feel like they pick up product a lot better and are always soft on the skin. The thing two brushes I wanted to try most were the blush brush and the contour brush but only the sets are currently being sold at London Drugs; the sets are the core collectiontravel essentials, starter set. I believe they are all $19.99CAD each, which makes any of the sets worth it as you are getting at least three brushes (these sets are even more inexpensive than some more unknown/unpopular brands found at the drug stores). So, since none of the collections has the blush brush, I opted for the core collection because luckily, it had the contour brush as well as brushes that I knew I was going to use a lot. I am actually really glad that this set also comes with a "detailer brush" because it looks like it would be so perfect with concealer in terms of allowing precise spot concealing! I think the case is also a great bonus. It is actually not just a random case to roll or store your brushes in for travel but it can stand your brushes up for when you are applying your makeup! The only negative opinion I have about the brushes based first impression is the packing. I am not a fan of the different colours, the aluminum and the black bottoms because I think they make the brushes look a bit cheap but I can live with that if the brushes deliver  Look out for a review soon!

From the official Real Techniques website:
  • includes 4 full-size brushes + case:
    • detailer brush: precision cut to effortlessly conceal problem areas; or, use with lipstick for long-lasting shape and definition
    • pointed foundation brush: Use with liquid foundation to build custom coverage
    • buffing brush: ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation
    • contour brush: delicately applies highlighter to contour or create sheer, soft-focus finish
  • panoramic brush case is a 2-in-1 case + stand
  • ultra-plush, synthetic taklon bristles are hand-cut and 100% cruelty-free extended 
  • aluminum handles are light and easy to use

What do you think about Sam's brushes? What are your favourites?

XO Nicole