Wednesday, December 21, 2011

NYX Blushes Haul, Photos, Swatches and Review (Taupe, Raisin, Mauve)

Lately, I've been on a "blush" drought, ie. I haven't been looking forward to applying blush (which is usually my favourite part of my routine). Needless to say, I haven't had a favourite or any blush I've been grativating to. Instead, I've been using whichever blush looks subtle so I don't have to deal with it much.

So what do you do when you're on a blush drought? You buy more blush! Yes, that is exactly what I did. I've been eyeing Tarte's "Exposed" but I'm hoping I'm going to get that in my stocking (for Christmas, hehee). I was watching Michele1218's video and I saw her compare two other blushes with Exposed and I immediately decided I needed all three. So I went to ebay to search for the NYX blush. Since it's fairly inexpensive and a better deal when you buy more than one, I didn't mind picking up three.

These were purchased on eBay; I've purchased multiple blush items from this seller before so I know they're legit and also, they have a huge shade selection.

Mauve, Raisin, Taupe

I saw the swatch on Karlasugar and thought it was nice so I threw that in my cart as well. When I received it, it looked so much like another NYX blush, "Angel", that I own! Thankfully, when swatched, it is not as similar. However, it is not as mauve-y as I was expecting/would have liked so I haven't actually been using this as much.

This is the one I am most excited about and love the most so far. It's a mauvey purple blush and I love the fact that it can act as a bronzer and blush as one.

Since the winter is fast approaching and I'm already losing all my colour, I picked up Taupe. I read on MUA that it's matte and good for contouring. I have since been using this over my NYC Sunny bronzer as I find that one to be slightly too orangey for me right now.

Mauve, Raisin, Taupe
Mauve, Raisin, Taupe

XO Nicole

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