Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Revlon Nude Lipsticks (Soft Nude, Nude Attitude, Just Enough Buff) Photos, Swatches and Review

Soft Nude, Nude Attitude, Just Enough Buff

Recently, I've been gravitating toward nude lipsticks and lipglosses, simply because since my lips are really already super pigmented, I don't want to add more colour to it and also, I am just into the nude-ish lips phase right now. Yesterday, I was at the drugstore and I picked "Just Enough Buff" up on a whim - not recalling that I already have quite a collection of nude lipsticks at home. Specifically, I have a mini nude lipstick collection from Revlon!

Soft Nude, Nude Attitude, Just Enough Buff

Out of these three, Soft Nude is definitely still my favourite as the packaging is adorable, the formula is super smooth and applies nicely - and it's just the perfect nude!

Of course, Nude Attitude is a total nude! The fact that it's matte too, makes it even more less wearable for me but I just had to buy this for my collection. This one is good for layering and blanking out your lips for some other coloured lipsticks.

Just Enough Buff
Just Enough Buff is the most wearable one for me though. It is quite sheer and does not instantly make me look dead nor does it look like I've obviously put on some fake looking nude lip. I throw this lippie in my bag for when I want to tone down the natural red pigmentation of my lips. However, I do find that this lipstick is slightly too orange for me at times.

Soft Nude, Nude Attitude, Just Enough Buff

XO Nicole

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