Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Collection Haul

I know this post is so overdue but I thought it can still be revelant due to the fact that it is now well midway into the fall season, and for us who live where we do experience the cold and sun-less couple of months, bronzer is essential for us! I took pictures of these products back when I received them but failed to put them up and write an accompany blog post for it .. so here it is! Even though the sun is hiding away, it doesn't mean we can't still keep - or "fake", as I should say, that summer glow. Therefore, I thought why not show you this great collection that The Body Shop released this past summer.

Here are the items to show you some of the things you can resort to during these few months:

  • Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil
  • Honey Bronze Brilliance Powder
  • Honey Bronze Bronzing Gel For Face
  • Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder (4 shades available)

Review and swatches on the way soon!

XO Nicole

Saturday, November 5, 2011

NARS Danmari All About Cheeks Palette

There has been too much hype about this.. everyone seemed to have picked this up during the Sephora F&F sale down in the States and naturally, I fell into the hype too. But there was really no reason why I should not own this, if you really think about it...! If you need a list to rationalize it out, here are a few points,
  1. It's about time I own a NARS blush - I've only ever heard good things about it!
  2. Great deal! ($70 CAD for 6 blushes, which are 3/4 the size of the individual full product)
  3. Perfect for traveling - especially being such a blush-addict, I really just can't choose one blush to take with me on trips away from home so this is just perfect. I can just throw this whole palette in the bag and be all set for blush, highlighter and bronzer!
  4. ........................... 

and the list just goes on but even just based on these three, I had to run to my Sephora to pick it up. I was so excited and eager to get this in hands that I even called them to put one aside for me just in case it sold out!

Have you girls picked this up yet? :) They make great Christmas gifts as well - who would love to receive this? With 6 different shades, how can one go wrong!?

From Sephora website:
"This set contains 6 x 0.12 oz Cheek Color in,
  • Hungry Heart (gold ivory)
  • Super Orgasm (peachy pink with gold glitter)
  • Desire (cotton candy pink)
  • Casino (dark brown with golden shimmer)
  • Orgasm (peachy pink with golden shimmer)
  • Sin (berry with gold shimmer) "

Swatches and review to come!

XO Nicole

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer Review

Every time I visited my Wal-Mart, this would be out of stock, especially for my shade, "light".

While a lot of people use this for dark circles, I use this primarily for concealing blemishes and pimples (ew!). I don't get dark circles but sometimes the area around my eye is bit "discoloured" but even then, I don't like to use this to conceal around my eyes just because the consistency is a bit thicker than usual and I'm impatient to take the time to blend it out over such a large surface area compared to say, a blemish/pimple.

With that said, the consistency of the product is probably what makes it stand out. A lot of my previous concealers were way to liquidy and light that it really didn't do anything to conceal my blemishes and pimples but this concealer actually conceals!

I would certainly repurchase this but since you need such a teeny amount everytime, I don't think I'll be needing to buy another one of these in a long while! It would probably still be around for when I finally get my tattoo, which then I would be able to test out if it can conceal tattoos too! :)

XO Nicole