Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sephora Beauty Insider Birthday Gift 2012: fresh Sugar Lip Treatments

If you are a beauty insider then you must have redeemed this already for your birthday, unless your birthday is really late in December! While my birthday is not in December, but in September, I have been too busy to put this up. Regardless, I wanted to share this with you because Sephora seems to be constantly improving their little perks and gifts for us beauty insiders and VIBs! The gift for this years' birthdays was a lip dup by fresh. I loved that they included two, the original clear one and a tinted one. This way, one can decide if they like the colour payoff enough to buy the tinted ones and/or if they like the original enough to buy the full size! In addition, because the full size product is quite pricey for a lip balm/treatment, it is such a luxury to get two, quite good sized samples. I have yet to give either of them a try but I am afraid that when I do, I might fall too much in love with it that I will have to get a full sized one!

XO Nicole

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