Monday, August 22, 2011

New Stuff: Sephora ♥ Canada Minibag Palette

While on a trip to Sephora to pick up a new mascara base (and to take advantage of the BeautyInsider 15% discount), I stumbled upon this palette and I just had to have it! The packaging got me.. well technically, I wouldn't say that the packaging is insanely gorgeous but the fact that it's a 'loving Canada' palette (even though the colours aren't exactly representative of Canada.. like red and white? lol), being a proud Canadian, I thought, what the heck! It was definitely a impulse purchase but the shades are actually really nice and usable (thank goodness it's not red and white! lol) so I don't regret it.. It's still very cute to look at and to have around.

This may be a good or a bad thing, but the palette is pretty small so some might argue that $18.00 CAD is a teeny bit pricey for it. Nonetheless, I think it's a perfect on-the-go palette since it comes with lip glosses and a blush (even though most of us do not use or enjoy the lip glosses that comes with eyeshadow palettes, the options all there if you ever need it).

From the

Sephora Loves Canada Minibag Palette ($50 Value)

What it is:
An adorable little compact in the shape of a Sephora shopping bag.

What it does:
This palette offers a versatile collection of natural and nude shades in a collectible compact featuring imagery that celebrates Canadian landmarks.

This mirrored compact includes:
- 9 x 0.02 oz eyeshadows
- 0.67 oz blush
- 4 x 0.011 oz tinted lip glosses

XO Nicole

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