Sunday, August 28, 2011

YUM!: Bistro Chocolate Chewie Cake

We spontaneously decided to pick this up while shopping for groceries at Safeway yesterday (just a 'btw', my second favourite grocery store, second to Whole Foods :)).

Safeway calls this a 'chewy cake' and initiaitally, we though that the whole cake was suppose to chewy.. like Chips-A-Hoy, the chewy version, but nope. The chocolate chunks you see on the top are the chewy part. We were a bit disappointed .. but it was still good! For me, I never really can eat and buy Safeway cakes just because their icing is like majorly sweet and too nauseating for me ... this was no exception. But it never hurts to try though right? lol

Hope you guys have some yummy deserts in stored for tonight! :) We have more than half of this left .. It's going to take us forever to finish ..!

XO Nicole

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