Saturday, December 24, 2011

A 'JUICY' Filled Christmas??

I just realized that I got both my sisters (older and younger) something from Juicy...!  It was totally unintentional. I am personally not a fan of Juicy Couture except for their perfumes so of course, I am more fond of the perfume gift! haha. Anyway, while I am here, and to make this post less pointless, I would like to point out the awesome deals I got for these gifts. The bag was purchased with a 30% sale and an addition $25 off on top of that (this was purchased at a Juicy Couture store). Viva La Juicy was originally $99CAD but I had a gift card/coupon (if you will) from Murale of $40 off a $100 purchase so I got this 100ml baby for only $60 (not including tax) - which is basically the same price as a 50ml bottle. Hey, I'm still in university so snagging good deals, especially on items that rarely go on sale (*ahem, beauty and brand name items) are definitely scores! As long as everyone is happy right? :-)

The SA at Juicy put the bag in such a big box and bag that I didn't even have enough wrapping paper to wrap the darn thing, and since putting it under the tree would just be the biggest giveaway, it is literally hiding under my bed right now, along with my mom's Coach bag present (same scenario as well). i cannot wait for them to open their gifts tomorrow morning!

P.S. Since this was the most random thoughts, I do not have good photos of the actual products (but I've included a quick twitpic I took of the bag during my gift wrapping session) - you will probably see them in a future post though once my sister unwraps these gifts but I thought I might as well share this interesting coincidence!

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XO Nicole

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