Sunday, October 21, 2012

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss: Pink Whisper & Peach Petal Photos, Swatches and Review

These were all the rave a year or so ago: I remember literally everyone on YouTube talking about this and this was always sold out in drugstores - it was just madness trying to get my hands on this. It took me quite a while to find Pink Pout and even later to get Peach Petal. 

These glosses are the best drugstore glosses I have ever tried. The packaging is simple but not cheap looking at the same time.

I am not the biggest fan of lip glosses but even I was super enticed by this. An affordable but good quality lip gloss? Why not? This was the route to go to purchase the two “necessary” shades, a pink and a nude (and probably a red too if you can rock a red lip). Thankfully, Revlon had these shades in this collection. 

Pink Pout is the perfect pink - this gloss is ‘that’ pink every girl should have in their makeup collection. This is a pale milky pink-nude shade that is great on its own, as it is quite opaque, or over a nude or pink lipstick. It definitely gives your lips a really nice hint of colour and shine. 

Peach Petal is absolutely lovely. I love the milky peach shade and its consistency (so smooth and creamy). Again, it is opaque but it’s not overwhelming such that you look ill. It is able to neutralize my pigmented lips while giving a nice glossy finish without drying my lips. For the perfect nude pairing, use this over Revlon’s Soft Nude lipstick!

Pink Whisper, Peach Petal

Pink Whisper, Peach Petal, Soft Nude

XO Nicole

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