Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Collection: NYX Blushes

As you may have seen/read from my previous post on my NYX haul, I decided to do a collective swatch/comparison on all the NYX blushes that I own. Though I only own a few, I feel like the collection is going to stop there. They are very affordable and they do have a lot of different shades to choose from but I think I own all the shades that I am interested in. Until then, I am content with my collection.

 Swatches of the powdered blushes:
NYX Powdered Blushes in Natural, Angel, Mauve, Raisin, Taupe
NYX Powdered Blushes in Natural, Angel, Mauve, Raisin, Taupe

nyx powdered blush raisin

Though I am not going to review all of these blushes (as I have talked about them previously) I will make notable mentions on some of them.

My favourite out of the bunch would be Raisin - I love that is mauve-y enough that it can also act as a contour. It is a muted colour with a matte finish so it is definitely OK to use this alone.

nyx rouge cream blush natural
NYX Rouge Cream Blush Natural - This is one of my first cream blusehs and I though since this was so affordable and the colour is so wearable, you cannot really go wrong about giving cream blushes a try. I have never actually worn this blush just because it is really scarey for me as this thing is so so pigmented. You need the lightest hand to apply this, so I have since given this to my sister. She enjoys it and it looks really nice and natural on her.

XO Nicole


  1. Hi, it's Steph, just encase it doesn't come up(stephs makeup & things) , I love this!! This is really helpful to see them together, they don't sell them here :( is there one in particular you would recommend ? I'd like to order one before I commit to more.

  2. Oh One other random thing, how did u make your banner? It's really gorgeous and real professional looking.