Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sephora (feat. Urban Decay NAKED2, NARS, Vera Wang) Haul

Sephora Haul
When I heard that Urban Decay's Naked2 was back in stock on, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. I just couldn't wait for later Feburary (when Naked2 comes to stores such as SDM and Murale) and plus, with Sephora lowering the free shipping minimum for Canadian orders from $125 to $75, I just could not say no! Along with the palette, I made a really hard decision on choosing NARS' Douceur blush over Tarte's Exposed. P.S. The Vera Wang perfume was purchased individually on a separate occasion but I decided to appropriately add it to this haul.

Urban Decay Naked2
Urban Decay: Naked2 - Even though when I was still justifying purchasing the original Naked palette, I said that that would be the only palette I've ever really need but when they announced this glorious sequel palette, all vows went out the window and there was no doubt in my mind that I would not pick this up.

NARS Blush - Douceur
NARS Blush: Douceur - I feel in love with this blush after seeing Michele (youtube: Michele1218) talk about it and compare it with NYX's Raisin (which I also purchased via her influence) and Tarte's Exposed. All those three blushes mentioned are all shades that I am currently obsessing over. I decided this over Exposed because I felt like Exposed looked more pink in the swatches. My pink blush days are long gone and I've jumped on the neutral-mauvey-brown blush bandwagon. I think the reason is mostly the fact that it can easily act as a contour as well (which I am desperately needing nowadays).

Vera Wang - Princess
Vera Wang - Princess: I've always thought this bottle was way too girly for me but this isn't the first time I was a hypocrite because regardless, I even made one of my graphics project on this product! Aside from the packaging (which I have now grown to love), I love the scent too. It's not too girly or florally.

The Samples

XO Nicole

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