Saturday, February 18, 2012

L'Oreal HiP Studio Secrets Professional High Drama Volumizing Mascara Review

A new mascara has been added to my daily mascara regime, which initially consisted of
Dior DiorShow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum & Primer, Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous and Planter's Mascara Power Lash. I wasn't satisfied with this combination as I felt I was still lacking on volume so I fished this out of my mascara stash. This school semester does not need me looking my best, since all my classes are consecutive so I did not need anything heavy duty.

I also hadn't noticed that the mascara that I purchased was in "Blue Black" as opposed to "Black". Now reading the reviews on this mascara, one of the highly appreciative characteristic is the intense pigmentation - well, I guess it amakes sense for it to be because this is what the mascara is advertised as: intense pigmentation. I agree that this mascara lives up to this claim because even with my "Blue Black" mascara, it is a very blue black that you cannot even tell that I am applying a coloured mascara. Therefore, if you are on the hunt for such blue black mascara, I don't recommend this mascara for you - it just looks black!

As for the lashes themselves, this mascara definitely gives good volume, such that it clumps your lashes - but in a good way. The brush is very dense so it can grab on to the short lashes you missed and coat them well.

Overall, I enjoy this mascara although I would probably not repurchase it again, in blue black or black. The fact that it is not waterproof turns me away a bit because I do get smudging throughout the day - it's minimal but I prefer going the safer route and keeping all my mascaras waterproof.

XO Nicole

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