Friday, March 16, 2012

Oreo Cookie Celebrates 100th Birthday

Here is another food post for my beauty-focused blog? I couldn't resist; the yummy LIMITED EDITION Oreo cookie and it's beautiful gold packaging deserves its own separate blog post. I think it is so fun for them to do something special like this - well, I guess hitting 100 years old is quite a milestone, especially considering their wonderful success (it's still such a one-of-a-kind cookie!).

Not only did they do an excellent job with the packaging, but the flavor of the icing/middle part tastes exactly like a cake! Mr. Christie and the guys are always spot on. Good for them for not messing that up on Oreo's special day! Though I must admit, I think the original is better (ie. if I had both flavors in front of me, the original would most likely be gone first). So maybe it is a good thing they made this LE because if I ever craved Oreo cookies, I would go for the original. You just can't beat it ! But anyhow, happy 100th birthday to Oreo!

Also, I've seen variations in packaging for this birthday cake flavor (for different countries???) but so far, I think this one is the best. I LOVE the gold and the pink. Oh, and did I mention I only got this for it's packaging? So so so silly, especially since it's not like I'm going to keep the box, but maybe it was an excuse ;) !

How do you guys like to eat your Oreo cookies? - I like to dunk them in milk but not to the point where it gets too mushy ... mildy moist/soaked with milk, if you will.


XO Nicole

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