Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sibu Cleanse & Detox Sea Bar Facial Soap (& & Sibu review)

I am trying to switch my skincare products into more natural ones and Sibu was, admittingly, not one of my first choices simply because I have never really heard of the brand and I did not know where to get it.

I first heard about this products thanks to Michele (YT: michele1218)'s rave about this skincare brand so I did a little research and found that it was available on an online "drugstore" website. and Quick Review
It was my first time ordering for that store and they got my order wrong: they sent me a "face and BODY bar" - which I did not even know existed because it was not even sold on their website and it was nowhere to be found on Sibu's website. Not to mention, I emailed Sibu to ask them if they were the same product but I did not get a reply at all. It's been more than 2 months and I am pretty certain that I will never get a reply back from them, which is crazy because Michele kept saying how she emails Sibu about whether or not they will be coming out with sunscreen, etc. etc. and she gets a response.. I guess that's not surprising because they did send her some products but that's just not cool - not great customer service on that end for sure. For the online drugstore I purchased this from, though the wait was quite slow for them to reply me and to get me the right product shipped to me, at least I did get it. One thing was a bit weird though: the new one I got says "face bar" on the box but the soap inside is exactly the same, smell and look.

Here, the pictures are of the "face and body bar" but the soap inside looks and smells exactly the same as the soap for the "face bar"...

To the review, I do really like the really nice and tangy scent. It lathers quite nicely with little product and while I do not think it is sufficient enough to get off all your makeup, it is a nice cleanser bar.  It does have oil ingredients in it so I was worried it would break me out but it hasn't broken me out so far and at the same time, it is not drying - especially since soap cleansers can be quite drying on the skin.

I use this first in the shower to remove some of my makeup and then I follow up with my Neutrogena skinID cream cleanser for my acne. (I am hoping that I will be able to replace that with Mario Badescu's enzyme cleanser and then I will also use this for my morning cleanser as well).

XO Nicole

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  1. never heard of Sibu, but it sounds and looks great! would love to try it!

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