Monday, May 7, 2012

Kiehl’s Starter Kit (Makeup Trade-In Event) Haul

Kiehl's Trade-In Starter Kit

For the month of May, in celebration of Earth Day, Kiehl's had a "Trade-In Event" in which when you brought in an empty cosmetic or skincare container to be recycled, you received a starter kit. Now, this was great for me as I always keep a box of my empty containers to be recycled. I don't drink sodas or any other canned beverages (besides the occasional beer - don't want a beer belly now do we?) so I rarely visit the Recycle Depot.. shopping downtown however, is a frequent activity, so this was great for me to drop by and drop off all my empty containers. While some may think that this is counter intuitive to the whole recycling concept because they are giving you even more products, which means more packaging and thus, garbarge, I think that having customers bring in empty containers in the first place brings awareness that you can play a part in helping the Earth by recycling and that hopefully, these customers will remember to recycle these sampler products after they are done with them.

Here are the three products that can be found in their "Starter Kit" (they came in a small and clear pouch, which I really enjoyed). While I think that these are great items, I would have expect them to include their number one seller, which is the Kiehl's #1 lip balm, but I am not complaining as I have tried them and have a stash still waiting for me to use. The body cream and the hand lotion are great deluxe samples that I will be throwing in my makeup bag for use!

Ultimate Strength Hand Salve
Creme de Corps

Creme de Corps

Midnight Recovery Concentrate

XO Nicole

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