Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Estée Lauder Pure Eyeshadow Quad (GWP) Photos, Swatches and Review

DISCLAIMER: this quad is essentially a sampler of four different and individual eyeshadow from Estee Lauder. This came in an Estee Lauder GWP promo in the summer.

I was a bit hesitant to do this blog post because this is a sample/gwp product that you cannot go out and buy the quad but I figured since the shades are actually available for individual sale as their "Pure Color EyeShadow", it would be helpful for swatch purposes. Also, I wanted to blog about this because I just love this quad - the shade selection is great! Having browsed through their entire shadow collection, these shades were my top picks as well.

Pure Color EyeShadow Quad
Sepia Sand, Pink Flash
Sand sepia is a really nice, light, cool, golden brown that is great for all over the lid.

Pink flash is the least favourite of the four because of the texture and faint pigmentation - it is described as a “cool light pink” but it shows up more as a sheen white eyeshadow, but it’s great for inner corners and highlights.

Amethyst Spark, Iridescent Violet
Amethyst spark is really gorgeous - while it looks like a blue/indigo shade in the package, it is actually a “cool deep purple” with shimmer. It goes perfect with the other purple shadow in the quad.

Iridescent violet is my favourite! It remind me of a taupe-y colour: it is described as a cool medium silvery-plum on the website.

Sepia Sand, Pink Flash, Amethyst Spark, Iridescent Violet
Pure Color EyeShadow Quad

 XO Nicole

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