Wednesday, August 15, 2012

July 2012 GlossyBox Canada

I had thought that I had cancelled my subscription to GlossyBox after the second box but apparently, I didn't because I received my third GlossyBox this month.. And I must say, I really am pissed off about the fact that I was charged another month - especially since this month's box was quite disappointing. While there were three or two full sized products, they were mostly drugstore brand items.

Zoya Nail Polish - Wednesday (full size)
Out of all the beauty sampling services that I've tried, this month's GlossyBox finally gets it right and sends me a shade that I actually enjoy! I think I was debating on this colour a few months back. An added plus, this shade isn't from a collection that is years and years ago, which is what I found with most nail polishes received in beauty boxes. This polish was apart of Zoya's Summer 2012 Beach & Surf Collection. NOTD post coming soon.

Alessandro International Pedix Heel Rescue Balm
Hmm, another heel/feet moisturizing product - I haven't even found the use for the Curel Targeted Therapy Foot Therapy sample received in last month's GlossyBox yet..

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Xtra Strength Serum (full size)
I have never been a fan of John Frieda products but I do have some frizz going on so I am looking forward to giving this a try - this might change my mind for the John Frieda line.

Dove Softening Creme Body Wash (full size?)
I actually really enjoy Dove body washes so I am looking forward to trying this one as well. Glossybox says this is a full size, however, the Dove body wash that I am currently using, which is also from the same line as this one, is 300ml and not 200ml. It's probably considered a full size for this 'limited edition' bottle eh?

BeautySoClean Sanitizer Wipes
I've seen this brand at London Drugs and never really thought much about it - I have never really had any problems with my skin due to anything I've done during my makeup routine but I guess it's good to have these wipes in handy!

EUCERIN Calming Crème
Cute, ity-bity sample. Hopefully it will work great because they've also included a $2.00 off coupon for any EUCERIN product.

Overall, I did not find this month's GlossyBox particularly exciting, especially owing to the fact that most of these products can be found at drugstores, so it doesn't have a "luxury" kind of feel. Also, I think for beauty sampling subscription services like these, the whole point is to be able to try out higher-end products to see if we like them before we buy because they are so much more pricer, whereas with drugstore products, it's not hard to pick up a $4-5 body wash and try it out and if it's not great, then it was only a few bucks spent. So with that being said, my subscription to GlossyBox has not been amazing and I'm sad that it had to end at a bad note.


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