Thursday, November 15, 2012

NYX Casablanca Eyeshadow Trio Swatches

The NYX Casablanca Eyeshadow Trio consists of two grey shades and a very pale pink shade. The pale pink shade has a very cool undertone so it can help brighten up your eyes by placing it all over the lid. All three of the shades are matte, with the darker grey having the slightest bit of sheen but it is barely noticeable. As you can see from the indentation on all three of these shadows, I use this trio quite frequently, everyday actually. The two greys I mix to fill in my eyebrows. As I mentioned earlier, while the darker grey does appear to have a slight sheen, it does not transfer when applied to my eyebrows (I prefer using grey to fill in my eyebrows because it appears more natural and is softer compared to using a dark brown). If one does decide to use these shadows for its intended purpose, it is important to use a primer underneath this as the light grey and the pink shade are a bit chalky and almost "dusty", (beware of fallout) and are not quite pigmented. For this reason, I suggest patting the eyeshadow on your lids as brushing the two light shades will not result in any significant payoff and will only leave a lot fallout.

The trio can be found on the NYX website among many other trios.

NYX Casablanca Trio

XO Nicole

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