Saturday, August 31, 2013

Calgon Ageless Bath Exfoliating Mineral Scrub and Soak Review

Calgon Ageless Bath Exfoliating Mineral Scrub and Soak Review

 his product is such a treat to use! I am really addicted to this stuff because it works and smells amazing (it has a very sweet and perfume-y scent). The granules are not extremely harsh, but at the same time, there are not too gentle that it disappears before you can even massage it into your skin. This product also doubles as a mineral soak, and though I have never used it in a bath I imagine that this would just be divine given the lovely scent. I don't look for much in a body exfoliator but when a product like this is 2-in-1, effective, and has anti-aging claims (that it's filled with vitamin E and collagen), I can't say no!

As you can see from the picture below, there is a bit of separation between the mineral oil and the granules, which I know some people prefer not to have this in their exfoliator, but I don't mind it. I think also could be intentional because if you wanted to use this for a bath/mineral soak, you can drain more of the oil into the bathtub. 

For all these reasons, and because it is only about ~$7 CAD for 24oz of product (I purchased mine at Shoppers Drug Mart and will be repurchasing), I highly recommend this exfoliator. I do suggest that you give this a whiff before checking out though, because the scent is quite strong. I really do not see the need to shell out more than $10 on a body exfoliator, especially when you got such a great, inexpensive option like this for Calgon!

Calgon Ageless Bath Exfoliating Mineral Scrub and Soak Review

Price: ~$7 CAD
Where: Shoppers Drug Mart
XO Nicole

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  1. i like the fact that this is relatively inexpensive and can double as a bath soak. i see this brand at shoppers sometimes but have never bought anything. you're making me curious about the way it smells. will have to take a whiff next time i'm in the store.

    A Beautiful Zen