Thursday, September 5, 2013

What's in My Makeup Bag?

I came across a few different blogs and videos on back to school makeup basics and they all seemed pretty redundant to me, ie. just conceal, light eyeshadow, tinted lip balm and mascara! I think we all know how to keep our makeup routine minimal just by choosing and using the essential products so I didn't want to go that route for this blog post. Rather, I decided to do a post on what I'm packing in my little makeup/emergency bag for back to school.

P.S. I'm starting my senior year of university today - it's last home stretch till graduation so I'm keeping my makeup minimal to save time for sleeping and acing those courses! What about you?
  1. Maybelline Dream Matte Pressed Powder - as I mentioned in the corresponding blog post for this product, this does a really job of absorbing the oil on my face, although the shade is a bit to pale for me at this moment! I really like the fact that this does not cake your face and it is relatively inexpensive. By the way, this is my second compact of this stuff! (Full review here)
  2. Dr. Bronner's Magic Organic Lip Balm in Peppermint - this has been my favorite lip balm thus far. I have opted for this lip balm over the EOS lip balms (both are organic and natural, which is what I am going for) and I really enjoy this. When I apply this, it feels like it's literally putting butter or oil on my lips - like it's melts instantly on your lips. The peppermint scent is great too - it feels like I have fresh breath! It also gives a slight tingle which I also love. I will definitely be purchasing another Dr. Bronner's lip balm when I finish this one up.
  3. Almay Oil Free Makeup Eraser Sticks - these are a lifesaver, especially if you are like me and have oily eyelids and are always experimenting with new mascaras. I have a ton of sample mascaras that are unfortunately nonwaterproof so when I wear them, I might have smudges throughout the day but these can clean them up in no time.
  4. Oil-Blotting Sheets - I purchase pretty 'generic' blotting sheets because they do the job at a very low price. I should also mention though that since using the Skindinavia Make Up Finishing Spray, my oil-production has been more controlled and I have not found the need to reach for this as frequently.
  5. Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 - I love the fact that this lipbalm has SPF in it as my stick chapstick does not. I also love this because it gives crazy shine on your lips. If layered over a lipstick, it will look like you have a lipgloss on. I love it even though it is not my #1 most moisturizing lip balm product.
  6. Travalo - I find spraying on perfume as opposed to using rollerballs to be more effective and more long-lasting for me so I always have to have this handy.  You can read more about the Travalo here. As of right now, I have my travalo filled with a mixture of perfumes. I love to combine perfumes (that might be weird to some of you but I have yet to come upon a nasty chemical reaction between different scents - phew!) and I also like to switch them out every once in a while so I usually do not fill it in to the max (just a tip if you guys are like me)!
This is all I take with me because I really do not use much makeup for school. To be honest, school brings out the competitive academic side of me and when my performance and marks (and precious sleeping time) are on the line, I could really care less about having a flawless complexion and perfectly arched brows, etc etc; however, at the same time, the beauty-addict inside of me forces me to at least carry some oil-absorbing products ;) (no grease ball sitting in lecture rooms here). That was my little rant but all and all, I hope that you all have/had a great first week of school - fall and Christmas is in the horizon :).

XO Nicole


  1. i found a travalo dupe on ebay! its great and works exactly the same way! at only $4 why wouldn't i go for that option. having a small perfume spray in my bag is great for travelling

    A Beautiful Zen

  2. New follower :) && yay to find another fellow Canadian! Hello from Toronto! Oil absorbing sheets are always a must in my bag. They come in handy thats for sure!

    xoxo, charlene