Wednesday, May 21, 2014

imPress Press-On Manicure Canada VoxBox Review

imPress Press-On Manicure Canada VoxBox

In the imPress Press-On Manicure Influenster VoxBox, I received two designs; one with black lace detail on pink nails, and one that was a plain hot pink. In the pictures, you can see that each container/box contains a handful - 24 nails, 12 sizes, to be exact - of nail press-ons of different sizes, ensuring that you find one for each nail for both hands. I have rather wide thumbnails and the fact that I could find a pair that works was amazing to me. The shape of the press-on nails are of a square shape so it looks like you actually went to the nail salon and got them filed down like that, but minus the cost, time, and chemicals.

I was always under the impression that imPress - or any press-on nails  for that matter - had only intricate designs that you could not do free hand, but the plain hot pink set showed that imPress offers a wide range of designs and colours. I for one do not always gravitate towards nail art or nails with fancy designs so I really appreciate that imPress offers plain coloured ones as well. For days where you don't want crazy nail art on your nails, but still want perfect nails, you can still opt for plain press-ons.

I find these press-ons to be so fun and easy to use. Unlike the nail stickers where you actually have to shape the sticker yourself, this press-on nails automatically gives you a perfectly shaped nail. Sometimes my nails get stained from not using a base and using too much polish, so they look pretty rough, so this is the perfect option to cover that up. Also, this "mini kit" comes with something to prep your nails for the press-ons to ensure easy application and lasting results.

XO Nicole

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