Saturday, September 10, 2011

ELF Tickled Pink Blush Photos, Swatches and Review

I found myself reaching for this blush more than usual recently. I actually had this stashed away in my train case because I had always perceived to to be way to bright and bold, especially for my liking. However, I decided to change it you up this month due to a slight "drought" in my enthusiasm blushes lately.

I am generally impressed with ELF's quality of blushes and this was no exception. 'Tickled Pink' is super pigmented and easy to blend so there was no surprise there. I think what was really surprising for me however, was that how lovely the colour actually is and how it turns out on my skin. Contrary to what I envisioned or remembered it to be - a super bright, obnoxious, in your face pink, this shade was beautiful! It added a very nice pop of colour on my cheeks and with the slight tan I have from the summer sun, it just looks really nice. I definitely see myself using this more often once the fall semester kicks back in (which I am so excited about!)

This is a very flattering pink - a universal/classic shade that I think every girl should have lying around - that's really the reason I decided to buy it anyway!

Although it does have shimmer to it when looked carefully in the pan, this blush is virtually matte however, I believe the ever slight shimmer does give a nice and healthy glow to the face.

I go for this blush when I really want my blush to show (I know that sounds really weird) but this blush does give you the colour without being too insane.

For $3, you just can't go wrong especially since every girl needs a bright pink blush right?

XO Nicole

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