Saturday, October 8, 2011

NYX Blush in Angel Photos, Swatches and Review

This is one of the two NYX blushes I own and it is definitely the favorite of the two (over "Natural"). I really love this blush because it is a very nice shade to have around if you want something subtle and kind of natural looking.

This blush does have a sheen to it but no glitters or sparkles.

As general, NYX blushes are super soft but powdery but I don't mind. They show up nicely on skin and blends really well.

This one is also very blendable which makes it so much easy to just slap it on and not worry about it!

I've compared this one with my ELF "Tickled Pink" because these are the two blushes I've been reaching for the most lately! And as you can tell, "Angel" is a bit more cool-toned compared the "Tickled Pink".

* Sorry for the super brief reviews. Fall semester kicked in and long and behold, first midterms are coming up in just a week or so!

Where: Shoppers Drug Mart
Price: ~$8-10

XO Nicole

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