Thursday, January 19, 2012

Paula's Choice Skincare Haul

Paula's Choice Skincare
I've been hearing a lot about AHA exfoliators and on the research on AHA, I realized that I am actually needing BHA for my acne so when they had a sale of 25% the exfoliators and free shipping for over $50, I decided it was meant to be because I've been breaking out like crazy!

EXPERIENCE: Ordering on Paula's Choice was great, I loved that they you get five free samples of your choice! Also, if your order does not qualify for

I'll do a review post once I test the products out!
  • Exfoliating 2% BHA Liquid
  • Exfoliating 8% AHA Gel
  • Hydralight One Step Face Cleanser
  • Skin Balancing Cleanser
The Samples
  • Free Sample - Exfoliating 2% BHA Gel    
  • Free Sample - Hydralight Moisture-Infusing Lotion
  • Free Sample - RESIST Clearly Remarkable Skin Lightening Gel
  • Free Sample - Skin Balancing Moisture Gel
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