Monday, January 23, 2012

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector Review

Hemp Hand Protector

I thought I'd feature and review this while most of us are experiencing the winter temperatures (below freezing where I am!). Moisturizing is the first and foremost most important step in your skincare routine especially during these winter months as obviously, the cold winter dries out skin very intensely (I will be doing a review on my current sunscreen - another important product for the winter, believe it or not).

Since the most of us cannot go a minute without texting and checking our phones, we sacrafice our hands to the cold a lot and because mittens and gloves just get in the way of our very important text messages, most of us skip the accessories and bare our hands in the cold. This undoubtely leaves our hands super dry and flakey. I know for me personally, I hate moisturizing my hands as it turns greasy so I skip that step too! Needless to say, my hands get so dry in the wintertime.

This can all be eliminated though, with a good hand lotion such as The Body Shop's Hemp Hand Protector. Although it does not smell like your typical, florally sweet hand creams, this hand lotion is worth the grass-like smell - some people can't get past it but for me, I do not mind it at all. It not only moisturizes your dry hands but it forms almost a barrier such that even after you wash your hands, this lotion remains intact. This way, your hands are always to trap in moisture (ie. from the lotion) and to keep out the cold dry wind that will take away your own natural oils from your hand. This is one of the very unique features of the product; here is an insert from the website:
How it works:
  • Community Trade hemp seed oil has an unusually high concentration of essential fatty acids that help to repair skin's moisture barrier, so skin is smooth and supple.
  • Community Trade organic beeswax moisturizes and conditions; acts as a barrier to seal in moisture.

Hemp Hand Protector x2

Hemp Hand Protector
The consistency is quick thick but can be easily distributed and is quickly absorbed in the skin. The packing is very unique too. As you can see, it is made out of some kind of aluminum-ish material but it is not a big deal. My first lotion lasted me for a year .. thankfully, my sister purchased me another one as a Christmas present as she saw that I was running out of it! :) This is a very great product to have if you have very dry skin.


XO Nicole 

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  1. Id love to try this product . Great review , it was very thorough. That was very nice of your sister :)