Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bath & Body Works Pink Sangria 3-Wick Candle

Slatkin & Co. Pink Sangria 14.5 oz. 3-Wich Candle
I have never been the one to light candles in the spring and summer seasons as I prefer to breathe in the fresh air and the scents of the blooming flowers but I received this as a "free gift" coupon a while back. I've been saving this for the appropriate months to roll around to lit this, hence the older labels (I am not a fan of the newer label designs) so I of course took some snap shots of this before it was too late.

A refreshing mix of zesty mandarin, crisp apple and sugared grapes & berries.

The scent smells so incredibly yummy (but then again, don't all BBW candles and products?). Never would I have thought that I would like fresh candle scents but this candle has got me on the bandwagon. It reminds me of pink lemonade - yum! And the pink wax, when lit, gives off such a nice and romatic pink glow - unlike any of my autumn-y and winter candles because they were all neutral colours (ie. brown, white, etc).

This is definitely one of top B&BW candles.

P.S. This is a older label/packaging. They have since changed it so you can visit bathandbodyworks to see what they look like now!
XO Nicole

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