Monday, May 21, 2012

Wet n Wild Color Icon Eye Shadow Single in Nutty Review, Photo and Swatches

I bought this a while back when these first came out and I remember being in total awe of how creamy and pigmented this was when I swatched it out. This has to be the most inexpensive, creamy and wearable eyeshadow colour. This shadow is so easily blendable that it's really effortless and can be worn on an everyday basis.

The shade is a shimmery (but not overly shimmery) brown, leaning towards the taupe-y side and with cool/silver undertones.

The packaging, although is nice and slim, is not the best as sometimes I find it hard to open (it's a cheap-ish plastic clasp and you have to use your nails to really dig in to lever it up) but that is the only downside to this product that I can think of.

I highly recommend this shadow as you will find yourself using it a lot because of it's great quality and colour pay off! It looks great just swept across the eyelids for a simple look but you can definitely use it for a more dramatic look. Hey, it might just become an HG of yours since this is quite an impressive eyeshadow! You really can't go wrong with this because one, it is highly inexpensive and two, it's an easy neutral colour.

XO Nicole

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