Saturday, May 19, 2012

DHC Skincare Haul

DHC Haul
I have been meaning to switch up my skincare routine to consists of more "natural" products and DHC was one of my top choices as I have heard really good things about them. DHC is a Japan-based company but they have expanded quite nicely into the States and into Canada (via the web). While their products are a bit more pricey side compared to drugstore prices but less than higher end skincare products that you will find at department stores and/or Sephora, I feel that for skincare, it is worth the extra splurge as your skin is soaking all this product up while you sleep and what not. FYI, I spent ~$130-140 on this one order so it's really not bad considering I purchased six products!

I have already known and heard of DHC's famous Olive Oil cleanser but being acne-prone, I was so weary about putting oil on my face so I've always put it off until I discovered their Acerola line:
This remarkably high C content helps defend against the damaging effects of free radicals that can age skin prematurely. Vitamin C is also known for its ability to even skin tone and boost collagen and elastin. Within this set, you'll find a brightening toner, light moisturizer, concentrated booster and indulgent intensive moisturizer.
Thus, I picked up the "Essential Set" which came with a toner, moisturizer, gel moisturizer and a serum. Along with the order, I couldn't pass up what was in the sale section. I have never used an eye cream before and it's about time that I start so I saw it as an opportunity and picked up their Concentrated Eye Cream as well as their famous, Olive oil cleanser, both of which were discounted.

Concentrated Eye Cream

Deep Cleansing Oil

Acerola Essentials Set
Acerola Cream

Acerola Gel
Acerola Extract/Serum

Acerola Lotion/Toner

DHC Samples

Prior to checkout, DHC lets you choose 4 samples of all their products (which I thought was awesome!) so I picked out my four and in my package, it looked like they tossed in two bonus samples as well, which is always fun :) .

The bill for an idea of the pricing
I really could not wait to try these products so I started using the eye cream and most of the acerola products on the first night so expect a full reviews soon!

XO Nicole

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