Monday, September 10, 2018

Tessa x NIVEA Skincare Reviews (Care Cream, MicellAIR Micellar Water)

Nivea #TessaxNIVEA Skincare Reviews

NIVEA is stepping up their game with these new products so I'm not surprised these are some of "Tessa Virtue's skincare favourites" #TessasFavourites #TessaxNIVEA! Spoiler alert: Ms. Virtue continues to do no wrong because I ended up loving these products as well. Continue reading to find out what these products are, and for my reviews.

NIVEA Nourishing Care Cream, $12.40, 400ml
I’ve tried the original Nivea Moisturizing Crème way back and remember it being too thick for my liking, so I was worried about that also being an issue with this variety. To my surprise, this new NIVEA cream is actually really nice because it hydrating and nourishing but not greasy - don't let the fact that it comes in a tub (which is what I think is typically associated with thicker body creams like body butters) scare you. I love the matte packaging, and that it comes in a tub so you can really get in there and scoop out as much product as needed, though I find a little goes a long way.  This cream is fast absorbing and pretty lightweight so I had no qualms reaching for it this summer, but because of how moisturizing and nourishing it is, I can also see myself using this well into the fall and winter.

NIVEA MicellAIR Micellar Water Dry and Sensitive Skin, $9.29, 400ml
NIVEA's new micellar water line claims to be a 3-in-1 product that removes makeup, cleanses the skin, and refreshes it. I like to double cleanse when I wear heavier makeup so micellar water isn't the something I reach for on those days, but they are excellent for my light/no-makeup makeup days and/or perfect for lazy nights. With the NIVEA MicellAIR Micellar Water for Dry and Sensitive Skin, I can do all 3 steps in a few swipes with this product. It doesn't dry my skin out, and I don’t have to worry about the residual product causing me to break out. It is gentle but effective at removing makeup, and it is affordable (sold at drugstores!) which is basically all I look for in a micellar water. If you want to try micellar waters, this Nivea line is a good place to start.

XO Jenn

I received both products free for testing purposes but as always, reviews are honest and opinions are of my own.

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